Mixed Signal ASIC

LeoLSI has been providing ADCs, DACs, AFE, LDO, POR, OSC, LVD, Sensor IP, 

which are silicon proven and can be tailored to your specific requirements. 

Besides, LeoLSI has been going the cost efficient route by providing the state of 

art and innovative design service to many customers.

Analog IPs

LeoLSI has been providing Analog IPs to many customers since 2007, 

which enables the customers to develop their own chips, while minimizing 

integration constraints and lowering cost. 

We are also open to any customers request as well and are always ready to 

collaborate on the required development and other requirements which 

customers want.


We have been providing diverse application-specific standard products (ASSP)
ICs to Tier 1 customers and the applications spread from consumer products
to industrial products. 


LeoLSI has proven track record of analog IP, mixed-signal SoC, system design with a focus on customer-driven solutions and has been going the cost-efficient route by providing state of the art and innovative design service to many customers since 2007.

Moreover, lots of highly skilled & experienced engineers have been making efforts to meet the different requirements from various customers especially in “Industrial & Medical market” by suggesting a better solution than they have ever experienced. MORE


LeoLSI has been running Analog IP & Custom SoC design business since 2007

  • 2018
  • Industrial IC
    - 2.5 Generation
    - 65nm SD/SAR/ADC
    - 130nm HV LDO/LVD/POR/OSC
  • 2017
  • ADC & MCU
    - 65nm SAR ADC / PLL
    - OP AMP
    - 32bit MCU for SEC HA
  • 2016
  • Industrial IC
    - 2nd Generation
    OPTO Device
    - Photo Encoder IC
    - Photo Interrupter IC
  • 2015
  • HP Customized IC
    - 3ch LED driver
  • 2014
  • Mini LVDS
    - 28nm Mini LVDS
    - 65nm Sub-LVDS
  • 2013
  • HP Customized IC
    - LVDS Rx
    Analog HS PWM
    - 45nm High Speed